Summer is the perfect season for a holiday. Nothing like soaking in the sun, frolicking in the lake and lying on the grass on a camping trip, hiking trail or lakeside picnic. But summer is also the time when creepy crawlies come out to soak in the sun and lie on the grass with you. 

The last thing you want after a delightful getaway has them crawling into your belongings and come home with you when you return. They are hard to get rid of and reproduce fast. Chiggers and bed bugs are the hardest to get rid of. Here are a few tips to keep summer pests such as bugs, ants, flies, mosquitoes, roaches, and chiggers from traveling with you into your home after a vacation. 

Anti-Pest Measures

Research your Location: Before you set out, read up about your holiday destination. Is it deep in the woods or near a lake? Is the hotel located in a more urban area far from mites or in a secluded place, closer to them? Check out the hotel reviews. Are bed bugs a common problem here? Be armed with the right measures such as insect repellent sprays. 

Keep Luggage off the Floor: Wherever you go, avoid keeping luggage and handbags on the floor. Place them on an elevated area instead such as a stool. Most hotels have a closet, chair or stool to keep luggage. If you are camping, keep most of your luggage in the car and take a small bag or two for immediate needs that you can refresh daily. Keep soiled clothes in a zipped plastic bag away from the fresh clothes in your luggage. Make sure your suitcases and purse are zipped up always.

Keep Clothes off the Carpet: Carpets, especially wall-to-wall ones, are breeding ground for bugs and pests. Keep clothes off rugs and carpets. Inspect the area for bed bugs before you enter. Check the mattress, pillows, carpet edges, nooks and corners of the sofa. Check the bathroom for roaches. Have the staff move you to a different room if required. 

Light-colored Clothes: If you are planning a nature trip such as hiking or camping, avoid dark clothing. Black garments attract bugs and pests. Wear light-colored outfits, snug long pants, socks, and boots and use insect-repellent sprays liberally from top to toe. You may want to spray on your clothes too. Avoid colognes and perfumes. Scentless grooming products are best. 

Inspect Luggage before Leaving: Check for pests lurking in your luggage and belongings before you leave. Never unpack or pack on the carpeted area. Double-check all the luggage and clothes after you reach home. Machine wash all soiled garments in hot water before you wear them again. Wipe your bags and vacuum clean before storing them away. 

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Contact Pest Control

Remember that bed bugs cannot survive in excessive heat. Terminate potential bed bugs by leaving your luggage in your car with the windows up. Keep your car in the sun or simply keep all belongings in the sun before you bring them in to wash and store away. Bed bugs also die in subzero temperatures, but they need to be trapped in the freezing temperature for a few days. 

If you find it hard to drive bugs and pests away, call Contact Pest Control. Our professionals are trained to keep your home pest-free all year round, as well as to conduct, follow-up inspections and treatments to keep them away.

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