Are you currently experiencing a pest control issue in your home or commercial property? Contact Pest Control is one of the best pest control Toronto companies and can help you quickly and permanently eradicate your pest problem.

However, before we show you our top recommendations, here are some guides on what you should expect when hiring an exterminator service in Toronto. You will probably find answers to many common questions about pest control here as well. 

Which method of pest control is most effective?

One of the most effective pest control methods out there is the use of chemical pest control methods. This is because they are extremely reliable, and there are many types out there that are targeted at solving rodent and insect infestations. However, no matter which type of pest control method you use, it is always important to follow all instructions carefully and make sure that you are correctly using them because many chemical pest control substances can be very toxic. 

Of course, when you hire a professional team to provide this service, they will apply the best chemical treatment for the job.

What time of year is best for pest control?

The ideal season is sometime within the early spring when it comes to pest treatments. When you get pest treatment done at this time, it gives you the chance to destroy nests and colonies while their numbers are low. The treatment will not need to work as hard, making it work for longer while being more effective. 

What do pests need the most?

Just like us humans, pests need three main things to survive. These are food, shelter and water. In many cases, pests can find all three inside of your home. Things like delayed repair jobs and poor maintenance can start to act as an open invite to pests like bugs and rodents to enter and make your home their home. 

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How much is the pest control exterminator?

If you have never hired or worked with a pest control exterminator before, you probably wonder how much it will cost for their services. You may even get convinced to spend more money than you are planning to since you will not be familiar with the average costs associated with this type of service. So, how much do pest control services usually cost in Toronto?

In Canada, the lowest cost for a standard pest control job lies between $250 to $300, while more complex ones will range from $500 to $800. 

Pest Control Services Toronto is prone to pest issues due to its high population, and the pandemic exacerbated this issue, particularly with rats. 

Dealing with certain pests like rodents, termites, squirrels, or skunks can cost more because it will involve the use of more complex tools and approaches compared to other types of pests like ants, roaches, or bed bugs. 

One other factor that will affect the price of pest control services is how many rooms need to be treated or covered. If there are multiple rooms, say more than two, you should realistically expect the rate to be higher. 

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If you’re searching for the best pest control, Toronto has a terrific same-day service option with fully licensed and insured pest exterminators and technicians. One of the features that truly make our business stand apart from the competition for pest control is that our vehicles are completely unmarked! 

Your neighbours don’t need to peek out their windows, see that you are dealing with a pest concern, and begin gossiping or speaking negatively about the circumstances. 

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Pest control North York

Our pest control team operates in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, which means that you’re in luck if you’re searching for pest control. North York is home to almost 900 thousand residents, which means more food, housing, and garbage disposal are necessary. 

Despite our best efforts, it is only natural that rodents and insects will take up residence alongside people in our bustling metropolis. However, this does not mean that you should be continually settings traps and looking for pests in your own home or place of commercial business.

Even the cute pests can cost a lot of money in damages, not to mention smells, disease and feces. Raccoons are especially known to peruse local garbage and recycling bins and factory warehouses. Even though it seems like Raccoons would make a lovely pet, they have been known to spread rabies in Southern Ontario and also host intestinal parasites that are communicable to humans. If you have raccoons in your home or commercial property, contact our pest control North York team at [email protected] or (647) 709-4856.

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You may have tried to take care of your house pests but noticed that they always return or worse—the population increases. It may be best to hire a professional Exterminator. Toronto is one of the largest cities in the world, and with such a high population comes a certain level of garbage and waste that attracts pests. The fact is that wildlife and insect pests are here to stay in urban areas, and it’s best to get to the root of the issue to eliminate pests from your home. If you’ve been struggling with household pests, don’t be embarrassed about other people possibly knowing. Our unmarked vans make it so that the entire block isn’t notified about a pest problem. If you want to discreetly hire an exterminator, Toronto residents can rest assured that we can eliminate the issue with our same-day pest control service.

With discreet, professional pest control services. Toronto’s go-to company that provides pest control on the same day you call: Contact Pest Control! You can finally have peace of mind and take back your home or property. Contact the best pest control Toronto has to offer, whether you require assistance with roaches, industrial warehouse pests, bed bugs, ants, wasps, rodents, or other insects. You can contact our team anytime at (647) 709-4856.