Insects that are small and oval in shape, brownish in colour, and feed on the blood of animals and humans are bedbugs. Hire a professional pest control service if you want to get rid of bedbugs. However, if you’re renting an apartment, you should inform your landlord immediately to arrange appropriate bed bug treatment in Toronto.


Bugs Hiding Spot

Among other things, luggage, clothing, used beds, and couches can all be the favourite hiding spot for bedbugs to enter your home. They can squeeze into tiny spaces, about the size of a credit card, as their bodies are flattened. Like bees and ants, bedbugs do not have nests but tend to live in groups in hiding places. 


Non-Chemical Methods To Kill Bugs

Here’s a list of some non-chemical methods that can be more useful than others, depending on your situation. 


Use Heat Treatment: 

High heat in a clothes dryer can be of great help in such a situation. Using black plastic bags in the sun can also be successful, depending on the climate. However, if you’re going for extreme treatment where the heat is higher than normal, get professional help from bed bug exterminator Toronto. They can also use the most intensive and proven methods of heating the whole house as well.

Use Cold Treatment

Although cold treatments can work, they can only be successful if the freezer is set at zero degrees Fahrenheit. A majority of home refrigerator freezers do not have enough cold to kill bed bugs. It is necessary to place the items in a sealed bag in the freezer for at least three days at 0 degrees. 

Apply Steam 

Using a steam cleaner (wet or dry) on carpets, baseboards, bed frames, or other furniture will allow you to get into cracks and treat fabrics infected with bugs. The steam temperature should be at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, but no forceful airflow should be used or else bed bugs may scatter. 


Get Rid of Bugs Yourself

Ensure that any small hiding areas are sealed, and for that, you can use silicon caulk to seal cracks and crevices. Make sure that all infested items are removed and placed in a sealed plastic bag until they can be treated. Read on to learn more about the treatment methods in detail.

  • The best method for eliminating active bugs from untreatable items is to place them in a sealed plastic bag or storage container and keep them there for up to a year.
  • Protect mattresses and box springs by purchasing protective covers. When bed bugs are trapped inside covers that seal, they will die in no time.
  • Vacuum the affected areas, and each time you do, clean the vacuum afterwards.
  • Try to get your furniture sprayed to get rid of bugs before completely disposing of it.
  • Unless you are able to eradicate bed bugs safely, you should dispose of furniture responsibly. It should be destroyed in order to prevent another person from bringing it into their home. 

If you’re still struggling to get rid of bed bugs, get professional help from bed bug removal Toronto services before things get out of hand. 

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