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FACTS & INFORMATION Pest control Toronto


Bed bugs are small in size and are flat and oval-shaped. They are a brownish colour but after feeding, they turn more of a red colour. Bed bugs are detectable by the naked eye once they are developed and look similar to Spider Beetles, Cockroach Nymphs, Carpet Beetles, etc.


Upon mating, the eggs can hatch in 6-10 days. Bed bugs normally live for
4-6 months but some can have a life span of up to 12 months, depending on the environment, temperature and food. A single bed bug can lay up to 200-250 eggs so the number of eggs can by multiplied in no time.


Bed bugs feed on blood and their bites can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. The bites look like a swollen red dot on your skin and will often be itchy. For those who have a reaction to the bite, it may cause a rash or eczema. Bites may look different, person to person, and every person may have a different reaction to bed bugs.


Due to the size and shape of bed bugs, most people do not detect them until they wake up with a bite. Bed bugs are most active in the dark, during your sleep. If you notice random red brownish spots on your sheets or clothing, for example, those may be symptoms of bed bugs as well.

Pest control Toronto

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Bed bugs are small, flat, oval-shaped critters. They are brownish, but after feeding, they turn redder in colour. Bed bugs are detectable by the naked eye once they are fully grown and look similar to spiders or carpet beetles, cockroaches or nymphs.

Upon mating, they can hatch their eggs in six to 10 days. Bed bugs usually live for four to six months, but some can live up to a year. Their lifespan depends on the temperature and availability of food in their environment. One bed bug alone can lay up to 250 eggs, which is how bed bugs multiply so quickly.

A bed bug’s primary source of food is blood, and their bites can be extremely uncomfortable and itchy. The bits appear as swollen, itchy red dots on your skin and typically appear in threes. Those who are allergic to their bite may get a rash or eczema. Bites can look different from person to person, and different people will have different reactions to bed bug bites.

Because of the size and shape of bed bugs, most people do not detect them until they wake up covered in bites. Bed bugs are most active when it is dark while you are asleep. If you notice irregular red-brown spots on your sheets or clothing, it could be indicative of the presence of bed bugs.

Call Contact Pest Control for immediate service or a free estimate. We offer same-day service in the Greater Toronto Area, from Mississauga to Whitby, with quick and effective inspection and treatments at competitive rates.


Step 1

Bed bug removal Toronto

Treatment – After the inspection, we apply the first treatment which is a special agent that rids of bed bugs.

Step 2

Bed bug treatment Toronto

2nd treatment – After the initial treatment, we come back after 2 weeks for a 2nd treatment in case further bed bugs have hatched in that period of time and as an insurance.

( We also offer steaming as well in case other furniture have bed bug activities (ie couches, mattresses, etc. )

We Offer K-9 Bed Bug Inspection

Contact Pest Control offers Canine bed bug inspection. Trained canines have a close to 100% accuracy in finding bed bugs in your home and workplace. Due to their accuracy, it saves time which means it will save you money! Put your trust and Contact Pest Control and our trained canine, Sarge.



Warranty: Two Treatments included

Apartments: Living room included
1 bedroom unit @ $350.00; 2 bedroom unit @ $450.00; 3 bedroom unit @ $550.00

Houses: Basement and Living room included
3 bedrooms @ $700.00; 4 bedrooms @ $800.00; 5 bedrooms @ $900.00
Two treatments included in a two weeks period. Hot Steam and insecticides combination will be applied for bedbug’s control

Square footage of home and complexity of problem could change the price mentioned.

Inspection fee is $125 plus HST.

*Inspection fee is waived if you proceed with our service

Year Round Home Protection Plan (Maintenance Program – Open Ended)
Includes: Quarterly Set Visits Included. Free of Charge Emergency Calls/Follow Up Services Included
Covers: Wasps, Mice, Rats, Carpenter Ants, Silver Fish, Beetles, Centipedes, Earwigs, Spiders, Cockroaches
* This program applies for houses ONLY


Bed bugs Toronto

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Canine inspection and 2 visit treatments to ensure removal of all
bed bugs.

 Best pest control Toronto

Extremely competitive rate with premium customer service.

 Pest control Toronto

Same day service available in GTA. Inspection and treatments are quick and effective.


We service the Greater Toronto Area from West (Mississauga) to East (Whitby) and North (Newmarket).

Home Protection Plan

Excellent service, great people, highly recommend them!
Amir and Taha were a pleasure to deal with.
Extremely efficient, prompt and very accommodating.
Amir conducted a thorough assessment of the house and he recommended the appropriate service/ plan for me.
I had a few queries after the service and Taha was extremely efficient in handling my concern and ensured I was satisfied.
Thank you both!…keep up the good work!


Removal Of Wasp Nest

Went out of their way to come to my house earlier than expected. I asked to call me when they were 10 minutes away so I could meet them there, they did. extremely friendly. explained everything and even offered suggestions on little things I can do to hopefully keep the wasps away. if they aren’t gone in a couple of days will come back and do again for no charge. absolutely no complaints at all, will use them every time I have an issue going forward.


Very Thorough And Responsive

Contacted Taha to help deal with a serious cockroach infestation at my dad’s house. He gave options, and a treatment plan. It turned out to be worse than I thought so he and his crew assisted in removing all furniture, fixtures and carpeting…a very big job. I felt the price was reasonable and he was very flexible with the payment plan. He always responds promptly and I will continue to work with his company for further renovations. I am very satisfied with the work he has done for us.


Solutions Found And Effective

3 different problems to solve – rodents, ants and wasps! Amir initially set traps for rodents, spray for ants (inside and out) and a wasp nest powder spray for an internal nest up under fascia. His service includes follow-up visits post initial service delivery and a year’s guarantee, including call-back, if necessary.

Amir was personal, prompt and professional and persistent in making sure problems were solved. No hesitation in recommending Contact Pest Control.

James Crookston

Excellent Pest Service

AmirAssimi arrived on time and not only quickly got on with the job but also provided expert advice and guidance with very good communication skills. He was able to explain to two tenants that they should be keeping their stoves clean of grease without offending them.

Brian Clark

Pest Treatment

I was referred to Pest Control by a family member based on their outstanding experience, and I am so thankful for this recommendation. When my home had an issue with centipedes and sliver fish, the Pest Control staff were knowledgeable, responsive and reliable – qualities are I grateful for in situations like these. This company exceeded my expectations, and I truly appreciated their high quality services.


One Call Did It All

I am so impressed with Taha and his company. He helped me so much, from a bug infestation, to a referral for an amazing guy who did my whole house renovation, and a referral for amazing real estate agent. I am so grateful I called Contact Pest Control first. Only call I had to make. Right from the beginning Taha and his crew have helped me every step of the way. I will always call Taha first from now on whenever I need anything.

Payment Methods: All major credit cards, debit, e-transfer and cash