Unfortunately, the myth we grew up believing that bed bugs wouldn’t live in a spotless space has been proven untrue. Bed bugs will thrive and multiply in any space, whether pristine or filthy if there is a food source in close proximity. The ideal environment for bed bugs is a warm, confined space and rooms with more clutter often make it easier for them to hide and multiply.

How do Bed Bugs Move and Multiply?

It helps to be informed and aware of how bed bugs operate and spread in order to eliminate them or stop them from growing in your home. Contact Pest Control are the experts on bed bug elimination and prevention. Check out our guide on the ways bed bugs multiply and how fast they spread.

Spreading To Different Rooms

On a daily basis, bed bugs lay one to 12 eggs, and in a lifetime, about 200 to 500 eggs. Therefore, it’s no surprise that fearing a bed bug infestation is valid and definitely something to be cautious of and prevent. The more quickly you contact a bed bug removal service in Toronto, the safer you’ll be. Bed bugs can multiply and spread from different rooms based on how quickly a specific piece of infested furniture or person moves to another room.

Spreading From House to House

Bed bugs can spread not only from room to room but travel across houses via infested furniture or people. The spread of bed bugs can escalate and intensify if the infested person travels often, even able to travel onto planes and buses. These pests do not fly and instead crawl at an impeccably fast speed, making them nearly impossible to detect and easily sneak between rooms and homes. Bed bugs will eat and then retreat to a hiding area to mate and digest. They can develop an egg in less than two months and the bug can live up to a year. It’s essential to call Pest Control for bed bug treatment to get rid of these pests.

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Spreading From One Person To Another

Bed bugs thrive when consuming human or animal blood to allow them to breed more. The spread of bed bugs between people is not based on the people themselves but because they are moving infested items. Bed bugs will latch onto the clothing, backpacks or other belongings of a person and essentially hitchhike with them to new areas or people. They may crawl away from a person and settle onto another person or area where they can comfortably digest and breed. They can also cling onto the hairs of people instead of just their belongings.

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