Rats are unpleasant and highly problematic, and these rodents are not the type of guests you want in your home. Warmth, food and shelter are the main reasons rats are attracted to a home. When they are in a heated and comfortable environment, rats multiply and build nests. This combination will allow rats to make nests in your home and give them the opportunity to birth offspring for several generations. Water can also attract rats to your home, and leaky pipes are a great source to quench their thirst easily. 

Check the Perimeter

To prevent rats from entering your home, you need to check the whole perimeter of your house because rats are very agile and can slip through cracks, structural gaps, exposed gaps, and pipes. They know how to exploit weak points around your property and will spread from there on, so even the smallest crack can be problematic. Any sized gap will be considered an invitation, so you must eliminate any access point through which they can enter your home. 

Rats are invasive and thrive on the lower levels of the house. They can dig burrows in gardens and will take advantage of weak spots around the perimeter or a garage door that you’ve left open. Rats can also climb gutters to gain access to the property’s upper floors and are often found in attics. Sealing openings, cracks, and gaps will help prevent rats from entering your house. You must walk around your property and thoroughly assess every area to ensure there are no entry points for rodents. 

Cut off Their Food Access

It’s equally important to cut their access to food by closing up all garbage bags and not leaving any crumbs on countertops or tables. Rats can consume just about anything and go through dumpsters and trash cans which is why these have to be sealed. Your trash can may serve as a full-course buffet, and you cannot leave any food lying around. Do not underestimate this rodent because they will scurry and make use of whatever they find. 

Taking precautionary measures is a must, and you must pay attention to your backyard, garage, and front door to ensure they are always closed. Hiring a professional exterminator is always best because they can perform an exterior inspection to identify potential breaches you may not know about. They will help find the areas that need to be sealed and can also install bait stations in the most problematic places. 

If you detect rat activity in or around your home, Contact Pest Control can help! We specialize in rat removal services and will provide you with high-quality services. If you are looking for a professional and certified exterminator near me in Toronto, give us a call today!

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