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Mice Control in Toronto

Among the most unwelcoming pests in Toronto are mice. And their ability to infest the area, put everything at risk, cause serious illnesses, and make everything messy is quite frustrating.

Mice are very problematic, and this type of infestation in your home or place of work must be addressed immediately as there are several health risks involved. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with this issue on your own, and the experts at Contact Pest Control will eliminate this problem.

We have years of experience dealing with mice and will remove them from your home or workplace safely and correctly. We use professional techniques and equipment to remove mice and prevent them from returning permanently, so you can rely on our team and our services. Mice will chew on your furniture and wires and carry various diseases, so this is a serious problem requiring professional assistance as DIY methods are simply not as effective.

Mice are very good at hiding, but we will find their location, and regardless of whether they are field mice, house mice or white-footed mice, we will remove them from your property. In addition to mice being unwelcome, they can also carry several diseases, and their droppings will pose a very high health risk. Mice can trigger allergies, spread food-borne illnesses, cause infections and even respiratory ailments, so there are many serious health hazards. Entry into your home or workplace must be immediately addressed.

The electrical wiring in your walls will not last long if mice chew through them. It will certainly not be nice to have someone chewing through your furniture and leaving droppings everywhere in your home, but mice are capable of doing that very quickly. Hire professional services for mice removal in Toronto who has experience in the field.


Signs That You Might Have Mice 

  • Check for droppings because a mouse leaves small, dark droppings in cupboards, under sinks and along walls.
  • As mice don’t have great vision, they often run alongside walls and leave smudges on the floor.
  • More enclosed areas, such as cupboards, will have an ammonia-like smell left by mice.
  • To keep their teeth short, mice chew on wood, plastic, cables, and other hard materials. They have continuously growing teeth.
  • Mouse activity can be detected by the sound of repeated scratching in the walls, ceilings, or attic.


Health Risks Associated with Mice

Statistics show that more than 35 diseases have been spread by mice in Toronto over the past few years. Food-borne illnesses and allergies can be spread through mice invasion. There is a possibility that a deer mouse could infect you with Hantavirus, which can cause kidney, blood, or respiratory ailments.

It is particularly dangerous in the colder months for you to be infected with Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis Virus. In your home or workplace, you are at risk of health hazards if the white-footed mouse species have made their way inside. A professional mice exterminator in Toronto is the only resolution you can rely on when it comes to your health.


Prevent Mice From Invading Your Home

In order to gain access to buildings, mice may use the tiniest holes in doors, cracks around windows, and openings around cracks in walls. In general, mice can even fit through holes the size of pencil erasers.

You can prevent mice invasions by storing all garbage in tightly sealed containers, cleaning pet dishes regularly, and removing things like bird feeders.

Fix leaky plumbing and HVAC units to reduce moisture in your home. Make sure to keep the surrounding vegetation properly trimmed.

mouse control Toronto


Get Rid of Mice Professionally

The process might actually be a bit more complicated than expected. It’s not like exterminators show up in ghostbusters costumes and vaporize every mouse in and around your home. To find a permanent and more reliable solution, a high skill set and advanced tools are required.

Your home will be surveyed by an exterminator to determine where entry points are located. It is through entry points that mice and rodents gain access to your home.

The first thing they do is check for holes and cracks outside the house. A hole in the exterior of the house invites mice inside. Mice chew through wood, so they can easily get inside. Moreover, exterminators inspect the interior of the home for gaps around the windows as well.


Toronto and GTA Professional Mice Control

Our exterminators will always provide you with results and get rid of all the mice on your property. We will then seal all the entry points using professional methods and treatments, which will be based on your space and situation. We will make sure the mice in your home do not create health problems by eliminating them, and we are experts in this field, so you can rest assured that our methods are safe and effective.

Mice control services will help you get rid of this serious and frustrating problem, and you can place your trust in our company, so if you are in Toronto, contact us today to see how we can help!

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