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Toronto and other cities in Canada have witnessed a significant increase in pests and bed bugs. According to an article by the National Post in 2010, Toronto saw a 40 percent increase in bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are a nasty infestation since they travel around and multiply quickly. Bed Bugs can be easily avoided and controlled by Contact Pest Control extermination services. The sooner you get rid of bed bugs, the cheaper your pest control bill will be.

Rodent Control Toronto

Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area have witnessed a significant increase in rodents- mice, rats and other infestations. Rodents thrive in areas around humans as they have easier access to food. Some common areas where rodents are found are in storage areas, cellars, cupboards and other dark and damp areas.

There is a significant risk of having rodents around as they are known to carry deadly viruses such as Hantavirus, Lassa fever, LCM, OHF. These can be transmitted to humans through contact with food or pets. Contact Pest Control is Toronto’s leading rodent control company. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

Ant Control Toronto

Ants can be tough to get rid of once they infest a home or building. Store-bought products may not be effective in getting rid of ants as they are stubborn and clever little beings. In order to completely get rid of ants so that they do not return, you will need to contract the services of a professional exterminator. Contact Pest Control has decades of experience dealing with pest infestation and uses eco-friendly solutions to eliminate them.

Roach Extermination Services Toronto

Cockroaches can be particularly challenging to deal with since they like to infest warmer areas in a house. Since roaches are nocturnal, they usually only rear their ugly head during the night. Moreover, roach excrement contains chemicals known to attract other pests causing further destruction along their way.

Wasp Control Services Toronto

Bees and wasps, in particular, can have a nasty sting, and we’re instinctively programmed to avoid them. Moreover, some people may be allergic to bees and wasps without even knowing it. If you have a wasp or bee infestation problem, Contact Pest Control Toronto is experienced in getting rid of them.

Animal Control Toronto

Do you constantly have to deal with wildlife entering your home? It might even be a challenging task trying to get rid of them by yourself. Some animals may even be dangerous as they carry deadly diseases. If you are looking for animal control in the GTA area, Contact Pest Control is your go-to solution.

 Pest control services Toronto


Do I Have a Pest Problem?

If you have noticed one or more of these signs of a pest infestation in your home, there’s a good chance you may have a pest problem:

Strong smells – mice urinate frequently, and it gives off a strong ammonia-like smell. The stronger the smell, the closer to the infestation you are.

Droppings – if you have mice, you are likely to find small, dark droppings scattered throughout your home.

Grease Marks – these are often found on walls and baseboards and are caused by pest’s bodies brushing against surfaces on regular routes.

Scratching Sounds – these are mostly heard at night, since mice are more active when the sun goes down. Listen for these sounds between walls, under floorboards, and in false ceilings, basements, and lofts.

Live or Dead pests – seeing a bug in your home during daylight could be a sign of major infestation, and finding a dead colony is never a good sign.

Why are Pests such a Pain?

Bugs, mice and other rodents have been one of the most persistent pests all throughout history, with entire plagues being caused by them! With this in mind, it’s no wonder people often hold a grudge against them. If you have pests in your Toronto home, you are not only facing damage to your home itself, but you are also facing threats to you and your family’s health. Pests can carry harmful germs from outside and into your home, meaning your family members (particularly any children you may have) are at risk of getting sick.

Illnesses that can be spread by pests include:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Salmonella (Food Poisoning)
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Hantavirus
  • Typhus

These illnesses are spread in different ways, including bites, droppings, mites and fleas that the rodents carry, and physical contact. Don’t put you and your family at risk! Our Toronto pest control services can take care of your infestation swiftly, discreetly and professionally and keep your health in check.


 Bed bug exterminator Toronto

Contact Pest Control is your Pest Control Experts In Toronto

We offer professional service that consists of checking your home for all of the possible entry points your unwanted guests might be using and determining just what type of pests you’re dealing with. You will always be in the know concerning our extermination processes and just how much they will cost. Contact Pest Control guarantees your satisfaction after the job is done!


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