If you wake up in the middle of the night because you can feel something crawling all over you, you may have bed bugs. These pesky pests are very clever, but you can be equally as clever when determining whether or not you have bedbugs:

  • Physical Appearance

Bedbugs are very tiny, but they are not invisible. If you feel something crawling on you in your sleep, you should be able to see them, despite the fact that full-grown adult bedbugs are about the size of an apple seed. They are rusty red or brown; these clues will allow you to know what you’re up against.

  • Wait until nightfall

Do not look for bedbugs during the day because you will not be able to find anything. These critters are nocturnal, which is why you need to wait until the sun sets to start your investigation.

  • Check all the hot spots

Once you know what bedbugs look like and when they like to be active, you need to find out where in your room they are. These critters like dark and cave-like spaces, so you need to check mattresses, carpets, clothing, the inside of books, closets, inside of headboards, couches, cracks in the floorboard and electrical outlets.

  • Check your body

You likely have bedbugs if you wake up with red and itchy marks on your body. Their bites are similar to mosquito bites but will appear in rows or straight lines.

  • Be careful around friends and family. 

Bedbugs are travellers; if someone close to you has them, you will be at a higher risk of getting them. These little bugs can crawl into your clothes or bags, so you should avoid a person with bedbugs until they get them fully exterminated.

  • Be careful when you stay in hotels

If you frequently stay in hotels, you are more susceptible to bringing bedbugs home. Many people assume that bedbugs are only found in low-rent motels, but this is not true, and bedbugs can be found in any hotel, regardless of whether it’s a regular room or a five-star suite.

  • Think twice before purchasing second-hand furniture. 

Thrift stores and sidewalk sales are great, but you must be careful when bringing home a new chair or couch. If you see a piece, you love, complete a thorough investigation for any bedbugs before you bring the furniture into your home

  • Invest in mattress and box spring encasements

These items will help you determine if you have bedbugs and will also protect your actual mattress from critters. The encasement will restrict the pests to your mattress’s exterior, allowing you to see them easily. This means you won’t have to worry about potentially having bedbugs and will get to enjoy peace of mind and sound sleep.

The best way to know if you have bedbugs is to call a professional exterminator, and you can rely on Contact Pest Control for this task. We specialize in bed bug treatment and removal and offer the best pest control services in Toronto. Contact us today to speak to one of our bed bug exterminators for more information!