If you are experiencing a bed bug problem, you want it resolved right away and you need to hire an exterminator to treat your home to get rid of this problem. While this may seem simple enough, the reality is that there are a few questions you need to ask the exterminator beforehand to ensure you are hiring the right one and the following list will help:

Are they fully licensed?

A professional bed bug exterminator must have a valid license that is up-to-date, and if they cannot provide you with one, it’s best to hire someone else. A license will guarantee their qualifications, so you will have peace of mind knowing they are able to conduct business in your home.

Do they have insurance?

You need to have protection in case someone gets sick or something goes wrong while the exterminator is in your home. For this reason, the exterminator must have liability and indemnity insurance so that you are fully covered in the event of a problem.

Are they experienced in this field?

Hiring a bed bug exterminator who has been in the industry for a number of years is ideal because they will know exactly how to treat the problem and will be able to do it fast. Ask about this aspect to see how long they’ve been in the business and you can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there is a complaint history with the company you wish to hire.

What is their procedure for the removal of bed bugs?

You need to know the types of insecticides that will be used in your home, as well as any other treatments that will be applied. Ask them about the steps they will be following to deal with the problem and how they are going to prevent re-infestation. You need to know that the problem is going to be under control and that safety precautions are going to be taken during the treatment process.

How long does the procedure take?

Ask about the time frame in which the problem will be resolved and see if they offer any follow-up visits as part of a management plan. In some cases, the problem may not be completely resolved after the primary treatment, so check to see what their policy is if this is the case.

Do they offer a guarantee?

While you want to hear a 100% guarantee, the reality is that most professional exterminators will not offer you this answer because it may not be true. If a company responds this way, you should be suspicious because even the best exterminators can miss a few hiding places, so ask about re-infestation and how they will deal with the issue if this happens.

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