Mice in your kitchen are not just an unpleasant situation but a very serious one. As much as this is an issue all homeowners would like to avoid, the reality is that the presence of mice in kitchens is actually quite common because space provides them with everything they require, including different places to hide, nesting areas, water and of course, food. Mice will often hide under refrigerators and stoves and finding them can be very disturbing and something you definitely want to avoid.

Mice have the ability to climb, crawl and squeeze into the smallest of areas, so any opening around a home will provide them with an entryway and kitchens are the ideal place for them to find both food and shelter. No matter how hard you try, food crumbs can be left behind and no matter how small or few these crumbs are, mice will be sure to find them. If you are experiencing a problem with mice, you will have to clean your kitchen area more thoroughly to ensure no spills or crumbs are left behind, which will help prevent mice from making themselves comfortable. Remember that they can survive easily on bits of food and while they don’t need much to live, the damage they can cause to your home is substantial. Feces, urine, chewing through your property and food damage are just a few of the problems you will have to deal with, so if you spot a rodent in your kitchen, you need to act right away to not only prevent them from returning but from growing in numbers as well.

Start by cleaning the insides of your cabinets and make sure all food items are sealed properly in the right containers. Check underneath your kitchen sink as this is a common entry point for mice because the opening around pipes is just the right size and large enough for them to crawl through. Seal any holes you see with caulk or wire mesh and clean the inside of your stove as well because any leftovers or crumbs will be an invitation for mice to stay.

Preventative measures are important but not always effective, so if you see that you still have a problem, you can turn to specialty products designed specifically to catch mice and keep them away. Traps, glue boards, and baits are all options you can consider but you must use these products strategically and safely; otherwise, they can be harmful and dangerous.

If your problem continues, you will have to call a professional company like Contact Pest Control in Toronto who can get your mice issue under control. Whether you need a bed bug treatment or want the best pest control services, we can help! Give us a call today and you won’t have to deal with mice any longer!