You might think that pest control is the same as exterminator experts, but there are a few key differences you should understand to make sure you call the right professional for the problem you might be facing. The main goal between the two remains the same, they both remove pests in the same ways. However, the way they go about things is very different.


The main goal of an exterminator is to completely destroy pests. However, they don’t always fix the root of the pest problem. In order to get rid of a pest issue, exterminators will depend solely on using pesticides. This means that they use products that are more harmful in order to mitigate the issues. Exterminators usually do not provide their house calls with a satisfaction guarantee. They usually simply offer you a temporary solution to a potentially long-term problem by not getting to the root of the issue. You can read the top reasons to hire an exterminator

Pest Control

Pest control professionals will use a different method of removing pests than exterminators. They use something known as an integrated pest management system that takes into account long-term solutions, prevention, and management to get rid of pests and prevent them from coming back.

PCPs can form working relationships with their clients by using a management system. Pest control experts will ask you questions about what is happening in your home and work with you to create a solution and find out how the issue began in the first place. Then, they will be able to give you advice based on how you can make your home less inviting to pests in the future.

Pest control experts will also use the most environmentally friendly solutions to get rid of pests. Protecting the environment is a value that many pest control professionals uphold. Solutions are only implemented in ways that will be highly productive and targeted to get the job done efficiently.

Materials the pest control experts use are just as effective as the harmful pesticides employed by exterminators, however, they will be less harmful to humans and pets. Pest control professionals will look for long term solutions to pest issues rather than simply using pesticides to destroy them. They will look for answers to how pests can get into your home and how you can keep them out.

Pest control professionals are highly trained in eradicating particular pests. There are a lot of differences between pest control practitioners and exterminators. However, the objectives are the same—the eradication of unwanted pests in the home.

There are several explanations as to how each and every pest is present, and different methods are needed to remove them from your home. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to different pests in different homes and settings. In order to be able to solve these issues, PCPs need to go through intensive training and ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest findings and information.

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