With the rise of social media and YouTube, it seems like anyone can learn how to do anything on their own, but should you make pest control a do-it-yourself project?

Although it may seem more cost-effective to handle your own pest control problems upfront, it will most likely be more expensive in the long run, should the problem persist.

Reasons to Hire A Professional Exterminator

Here are five reasons why you should hire a professional pest control service:

Your Health is at Risk

All pests can carry harmful diseases and bacteria that can expose you and your family to illness. For example, ticks carry Lyme disease (a dangerous condition related to rashes or extreme fatigue), and ants or wasps can trigger allergic reactions, should an individual get bitten or stung.

Using pesticides and other chemicals improperly can also cause health risks to your loved ones and pets. Inhaling or being exposed to these chemicals may cause long term injuries. And, if you are running a business, it can lead to liabilities.

Avoid Pest-Related Damage

Termites and carpenter ants can cause major structural damage to your home or place of business. This damage can cost you anywhere from $2-3,000, depending on how long the problem persists. 

Rodents and other pests may not only cause structural damage but can also chew through electrical wiring and damage your personal belongings.

Professionals Know What They Are Doing

Pest control companies hire specialists who have the training and knowledge to effectively treat your pest problems. Most reputable pest control companies in Toronto offer a warranty or a guarantee with their work. Meaning that if the pest problem persists after treatment, they will return at little to no extra cost in order to eliminate the problem.


It may seem like handling your pest control problem on your own will save you more money upfront, but the long-term effects of mishandling pest control chemicals will end up being more costly. If you try and do it yourself and only end up eliminating the pests without eliminating the source, it is very likely that they will keep coming back year after year, or even week after week.

Professional Exterminators will determine the root of the problem, find the source and eliminate it to prevent future infestations.

Save Time

Hiring a professional pest control company from the beginning will save you so much time and stress, rather than going through trial and error by doing it yourself. Leave the hard work to the professionals with the know-how to quickly eliminate your pest problem once and for all.

Save yourself the time, energy and frustration by hiring a reputable pest control company in Toronto today. A trained and licensed pest technician will be able to solve your problem quickly and effectively because they are knowledgeable with pests and effective treatments. After all, it is what they do every day. Stop throwing away your time and hard-earned money only to have to call a professional anyway. Get professional help and get it done right the first time.