Toronto is one of Canada’s most populated cities and has a large population of tourists. With so many people living in the city and visiting, bed bugs are a considerable problem that residents must deal with.

Bed bugs are not just an uncomfortable nuisance to have around, and they can cause serious health problems. Even if you don’t end up with any ongoing health issues from a bed bug bite, they can keep you up at night with their constant feeding and movement. Bed bugs can impact your sleep quality and make life uncomfortable for you. You want to feel comfortable in your home or hotel room without having to worry about being bitten by these little critters all night long!

One of the most important things you can do is call a professional for help once you realize that you have a bed bug infestation. They will be able to come in and inspect your property so that they know exactly what needs to be done for treatment purposes!

In the beginning, there were bed bugs—and they were everywhere.

Now they’re making a comeback.

As of last year, bed bugs have been spotted in Toronto. They may be spreading. We don’t know how far yet, but we know that they’re now appearing in homes and apartments all over the city.

The City of Toronto has reported that a whopping 31 government buildings were affected by bed bugs in 2020.

The problem is particularly dire because the buildings are where government workers toil away, doing their best to serve the city’s inhabitants. The number of people affected is genuinely shocking, with an estimated 300+ individuals coming into contact with bed bugs or their eggs.

The City of Toronto has announced that they are taking steps to eradicate the infestation once and for all. They’ve also announced that they plan to launch a campaign to educate government workers on how to recognize signs of bed bug activity.

Psychologists: Bed Bug Infestation May Cause Psychological Problems

You may be thinking: How much worse can it get? You’ve been under the bed bug infestation for days, maybe even weeks. You’ve tried everything to get rid of the pests, but they keep coming back. The bites are getting worse, and now you have trouble sleeping at night.

You’re not crazy—you are having a hard time. And it’s not just because of the physical pain and discomfort caused by bed bug bites. It’s because you’re also having a psychological response to the infestation. According to Dr. Sydney Briscoe, a clinical psychologist and professor at Harvard Medical School, you are one of many people who have experienced psychological trauma due to bed bugs.

“We must recognize that these are not just ‘bugs’—they’re little creatures that can turn your life upside down,” says Dr. Briscoe. “People dealing with bed bug infestations need to know that they’re not crazy or weak—it’s an issue of biology.”

Dr. Briscoe explains that the incessant itching caused by bed bug bites is part of what leads people to experience psychological distress over the infestation.

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