Life can get very hectic, and our busy schedules can prevent us from noticing small problems in our homes, and a bed bug infestation is something that can be easily ignored. This problem often goes unnoticed until it becomes a serious problem because bed bugs are small and hard to see. They can blend in quite well with home décor, so if you are oblivious to the small things happening around you, you will likely ignore this kind of infestation, which can be very problematic.

Bed bugs are harmful, and their bites will hurt, so it is a must that you pay attention to detect early signs of an infestation. This would allow you to treat the problem early on, and you would have control of the situation. You have to be aware of your surroundings, and the following are early signs of a potential bed bug infestation:

Bite marks

Bite marks on your body are a clear sign of a bed bug infestation, so you need to act right away. Their bites will be painless at first but will become itchy and painful later on. These bites are often mistaken for mosquito bites because they are similar in appearance, so you have to look out for other signs that confirm you have a bed bug infestation.

Hiding places

Bed bugs hide in places where they can easily suck human blood undetected because this is what they live off, so the crevices around your bed or in your mattresses need to be checked. If you notice a dark brown stain or an inexplicable bloodstain, it can be the result of a blood stain residue from their feeding or feces, so watch out for these stains around your bed. 

Skin and excretion

Bed bugs shed their skin several times, so you may come across their skin around your mattress or pillows, and this will look like an empty bug, so you will be able to tell what it is. It will be brown in colour and hollow, so look out for these along with fecal stains, which are also brown.


Just like other pests, bed bugs lay multiple eggs, which are usually shiny and white. They can also be translucent and are found in possible hiding places, so look around the corners of your bed and cabinets for these sticky eggs. 

Any of these signs will indicate that you have a problem and the best solution is to contact a professional exterminator. The experts at Contact Pest Control can help remove bed bugs from your home, and our team will provide you with suitable treatments. Whether you are looking for the best pest control, mice control or a bed bug exterminator, we do it all and will gladly help eliminate your problem. If you are in the Toronto or North York areas, contact us today to hear more about our services!