It is becoming more and more common to see raccoons running through neighbourhoods and the problem with this is that their feces can be found everywhere. This can occur on your roof, driveway, in your attic, on your porch and underneath it. Naturally, it is important that you remove it as soon as you see it and most people do so by shovelling it into garbage bags. While this is fine, it is not enough and there is another very important step involved. Disinfecting the area is a must because raccoon feces contain dangerous diseases that can be harmful to your health.

If the incident occurs outdoors, you must dig up a few feet of soil from underneath and dispose of it through garbage bags, which will help you sterilize the area. The tools that you use must be disposed of as well because they will likely be covered in roundworm eggs. Or, you can choose to boil them, which is another effective method of removing the roundworm eggs. Some people prefer to light a fire over the infected area, which is also a method that will help sterilize it.

If you find raccoon feces inside of your home, there are different steps involved to successfully disinfect the area. You will have to start by removing it and shovelling it into garbage bags, after which you will have to remove the insulation and use cleaners and boiling water to sterilize the floor where the feces landed. You must dispose of the insulation in sealed bags and place them in garbage bins that can be locked because raccoons are attracted to their own feces and will tear the bags up. This is a fact that most people do not know about but it is true and raccoons will try to find their own feces and will rip up your garbage bags as a result. For this reason, locked garbage cans are a must.

Disinfecting the area is the most important part of the raccoon feces removal process. If you do not sterilize the area properly after the removal, it will be the equivalent of not having removed the feces at all, so make sure you complete this step to avoid any risks to your health. Raccoon feces can lead to a number of illnesses, which is why the area where it is found must be sterilized because it is the only way to provide you and your family with protection.

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