Termites and cockroaches should never be in your home so if you are dealing this problem, you have to use effective methods to get rid of these unwelcome guests. 

Get Rid of Termites and Cockroaches Completely

Certain tips will help you get rid of termites and cockroaches completely so make sure you do the following:

Clean your home

This must be done thoroughly as roaches and termites are attracted to filth. They like dirt and will always look for new sources of food so keeping your home clean is the simplest way of getting rid of roaches. Always wash your dishes after every meal and put them away and clean crumbs and spills immediately. You should also remove grease from your stovetop and must take out the garbage before you go to bed. Additionally, you should be moping your floors on a regular basis and must seal leftovers or any food in their proper containers. 

Use traps and baits

Traps use scent or other types of bait to attract roaches and once they come to investigate, they will get caught in a sticky substance and will become trapped. This process can take a couple of weeks so check your traps regularly for dead roaches. Chemical baits are also very effective as they disguise insecticide as a food source and once it’s ingested, they will die. If the roaches eat the bait, they will spread the poison to the rest of the nest which is also effective in killing them off and it is recommended that you place these chemical baits close to your garbage cans, underneath sinks and underneath cabinets. 

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Spray liquid concentrates

This too is an effective product that can deter roaches and the liquid can be sprayed into cracks and crevices where roaches like to hide. This solution can also be used on floors and countertops so you can use it all over your home. 

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Clear clutter

Keeping your house free of clutter is a must because roaches will not have anywhere to hide. This will make your home less hospitable and you will be able to get rid of these awful bugs when you have less item lying around. Get rid of newspapers and cardboard boxes as roaches love to breed in these items so do not provide them with this opportunity. 

Seal off cracks

Cockroaches and termites can crawl under doors and will gain entry into your house though any cracks in your home’s foundation so you have to seal these off. Attic and crawl space vents, along the foundation or roof and around windows and doors are all problem areas as are those around holes used for gas, electric and plumbing lines. 

Contact a professional exterminator

These cringe-worthy bugs are not easy to deal with and it’s always best to contact a professional exterminator for the job. They will use the right products and techniques and will eliminate cockroaches and termites correctly through proven methods that are safe. 

Contact Pest Control can help you get rid of any unwanted guests and our exterminators will get rid of this very unpleasant problem. Our services are reliable and safe so if you are looking for the best pest control in the North York or Toronto areas, contact us today!