Rats are problematic, and this type of infestation must be addressed right away because it is a serious issue that can cause health problems. 

Many homeowners rely on poison to get rid of rats, and it’s natural to wonder how long it will take for rats to die after eating poison. While there is no precise answer, estimates claim that rats can die as quickly as 12 hours after consuming the poison, while others say it can take a few days. Depending on the poison, it can even take a week, as it comes down to the type of product used, which organs are affected inside the rat’s body, and how they die. 

Lung failure, for example, can cause a rat to die within 12 hours. When poison comes into contact with stomach acid, it will produce very toxic gas, although the number of hours it takes for a rat to die will differ depending on what the rat ate. Poison that contains Vitamin D3 will produce so much calcium that the rat will die of heart failure or a heart attack, and the rat will likely die a sudden death 3 to 4 days after the first feeding. 

Bromethalin is another type of poison that causes the central nervous system to fail, so when a rat consumes this kind of poison, its body will start to shut down in parts, and this can cause the rat to die within 12 to 24 hours. This poison will prevent a rat from being able to use their energy, and they will die as a result. 

You do not have to use poison to eliminate rats; if you are opposed to this method, you can consider alternative methods like traps. Some of these would allow you to catch rats alive so that you can release them into the wild, although you will have to drive to a desolate area so that the rats do not find their way back in or go into somebody else’s house. 

Getting rid of rats is not easy, and you must be very careful when picking up their dead bodies. When handling a rodent, alive or dead, there is a risk of exposure to one of 35 common diseases. When a rat’s body starts to decompose, it will unleash a foul smell, and if a rat dies of poison, it will be your responsibility to find and dispose of the body. 

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