Having mice in your home is a nuisance and they present a problem for a number of reasons, including the fact that they can contaminate your food with their saliva, hair, droppings, and urine, and potentially pose health risks for you and your family members. 

Soap and Mice

Many people believe that the smell of soap can help keep mice away but the reality is that there is no real evidence to support this theory. The smell of certain types of soap is not enough to keep mice from inhabiting indoor areas, which is why you should not rely on this method as a way of solving your mice issue. Soap will not deter them from entering your home and is not the solution to keep mice away. 

If you have a mice problem, you should look into alternative solutions and the first step is a clean house. Taking out the trash regularly, vacuuming often and cleaning dishes right after using them are all great ways of deterring mice. Sealing food in appropriate storage containers is also very important so that mice don’t have access to it, causing them to look for food elsewhere. Many people may not realize that mice are also very attracted to water, which is why cleaning spills and leaky faucets right away are very important. 

Get rid of cardboard, paper, and piles of clothes because mice tend to use these basic household items to make nests. The less clutter you have in your home, the better your chances of repelling mice. A clean house has many benefits and keeping the wildlife away is just one of them. Trash should never be left anywhere in or around your home and this includes household items you may not think of as junk. Take a good look around your home to see if there are items that don’t need to be there because less clutter can also help you assess your mice’s situation a lot better. 

Professional Mice Removal

Of course, professional methods of mice removal are a lot better than trying to solve this issue on your own, which is why you should call Contact Pest Control to help with your problem. , they are capable of offering the best pest control for your home or office, so if you have a mice problem you’d like to get under control, give them a call now. Their knowledge and experience allow them to not only remove mice from your property but also to prevent them from coming back in a safe and professional manner. Contact Pest Control offers a variety of services, including bed bug treatments, so don’t deal with these unpleasant situations on your own and give them a call today.