You see them during the nicer months scurrying around and sometimes creating problems that take some time and energy to deal with, but have you considered what happens to pests during the cold winter months? Some pests are active in every season of the year, and you’re likely to have seen them; mice, flies, termites, spiders and squirrels. Others go through a long period of hibernation, and you may think that this means they’re not an issue, but once the days warm up, if those little creatures have been spending their hibernation period tucked into a dark corner of your home, you’ll know it once spring rolls around!

Pests in Winter Months


These insects are masters of survival. Once cold weather hits, their body temperatures drop and they seek out a warm place to spend the frosty season. Don’t assume your ant problem is gone with the sunshine though; their nest entrances are closed for now but will reopen as soon as temperatures rise.

Mice and RatsMice control Toronto

Since mice and rats will build their nests close to known food sources and prefer to venture out less often during the cold months, you can be sure if they’re in the area, they’re looking towards your home, garage, or shop for a good place to shack up. Rodents like mice, rats and squirrels stay active all year long, meaning they can cause havoc from January through December.


These guys are active around the clock, although activity slows during the colder months, and their nests will be dug further into the ground. Homeowners are less likely to actively pursue termites in the winter, leaving their home more susceptible to damage during this time, but it pays to stay on top of signs like wood powder, shed wings, or sunken wood surfaces.


Although the typical housefly will die before winter hits (leaving you with a lovely array of proof all along your windowsills) the females have already ensured the next generation with a group of eggs.  The fly larvae (maggots) that

  •  Exterminator Torontohatch will survive the winter wrapped in a cocoon-like structure, leaving you with next year’s problem already in the works.

Our homes, offices, garages and shops make for a perfect hideout for the pests that do stay active or look for places to start their brood for the spring season.  We provide them with warmth, dark corners and sometimes clutter to hide in, and a good, consistent food source. You can limit your issues by keeping your spaces tidy and eliminating clutter. You should also keep a close eye out for signs of a problem throughout the year, and not just in the nicer months. Droppings, sawdust, chewed or gnawed wood or food boxes and even a pest sighting are all signs that someone has moved in and taken up residence. If you see signs, you’re likely to already have a larger problem than is immediately apparent. Pests don’t come as singles – they bring the whole family, which multiplies with a speed that leaves our heads spinning.

Health issues are always a concern and are a good reason why calling an exterminator is a priority if you know you have a pest. Whether you’re living alone or are raising a family, nobody wants to deal with the diseases and harm hosting a family of rodents can create. A rodent that starts by scavenging a garbage can will then bring germs or disease into the food it consumes in your home. You could also get sick with the droppings or urine it leaves behind. Rats and mice have been known to bite, and your household pets are oftentimes unwilling victims. If they’re attempting to protect their food bowl (an open invitation for rodents at a level they’ll find ideally within reach) the likelihood of getting bitten and consequently infected is high.

Insects can also be a cause for health concerns. Flies, for example, will feed on rotting foods or feces and then bring disease to their feet, bodies or in their stomachs. A fly will feed by injecting food with a substance from its stomach, turning the food into liquid and allowing the fly to pull the now liquefied food in through its tube-shaped mouth. Some of the liquid can be left behind, waiting for you or a family member to ingest it.

If you see signs, don’t despair; we’re in the business of ridding pests that will devalue your home and possibly have an ill effect on your health. Our professionals at Contact Pest Control are a knowledgeable team that will work to keep your family safe and will let you know what steps you can take in the future to help prevent further outbreaks. Give us a call if you suspect a pest or have already recognized the signs of an infestation.