Wild animals can be a big problem for you if they get into your home. Their survival methods can leave your home in a mess. Below, we list some of the most common uninvited house guests and how you can safely remove them from your home:

1. Rats

To remove rats, seal all of the entry holes that lead to the inside of your home/building, and then set traps to catch the ones that have made their way inside your home/building.

2. Skunks

To remove skunks, you’ll want to use cage trapping.

3. Raccoons

If you suspect that you may have raccoons, use cage trapping to remove them. If they are young, then you will have to call in the experts to remove them by hand.

4. Squirrels

The best way to remove squirrels is by using a one-way exclusion door.

5. Bats

You shouldn’t attempt to kill bats in order to remove them from your home/ building. They must all be kept alive during the removal process, and the seal up must be completed perfectly.

6. Opossums

You can find opossums in a number of places, including under your house and in your attic. They can easily be removed with cage traps.

7. Snakes

Most species are non-venomous, and they can easily be removed by hand or with snake tongs. 

8. Groundhogs

Like armadillos, groundhogs burrow. The best way to remove them is by using cage trapping. 

How to Get Rid of Wild Animals On your Property

If you are having an issue with wild animals, the chances are there is something attracting them to your property. It is not uncommon to notice wild animals from time to time, but when they become permanent fixtures, we are usually at fault. Wild animals will be drawn to your property because of one of two primary reasons; food or shelter, with the majority of time being the former. Make sure that you are not leaving edible items outside. That means that all of your food and your pet food should be properly thrown out or taken inside when you are finished with it. Make sure that your landscape is well taken care of, as wild animals enjoy unkempt lawns and the protection that long grass gives them.

How to Get Rid of Wild Animals in Your House

Some wild animals can make it inside your home. The manner in which you remove them will be dependent on what kind of intruder they are. They can do considerable damage to the interior of your home, so it is important that you remove them quickly and safely.

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