With the upcoming summer vacation time, most of you may have already begun to plan their next vacation. Clothes and luggage form a big part of our vacation whether we are travelling for a couple of days or more. Vacations bring a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, especially if you are also thinking about camping, trekking or some other outdoor summer activities. Enjoying the outdoors is great fun, but no one wishes to bring back the dirt, dust and most importantly the outdoor pests to their home. A typical vacation means you may at some point encounter roaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, etc. during your trip. Although none of us likes to sacrifice our summer vacation time due to fear of pests, we also want to make sure that we stay protected and do not wind up bringing back these pests with us to our homes. Here are some anti-pest measures that you need to think about:


One of the best things to do when it comes to staying safe from pest is research. Thanks to the internet, you can easily check what kind of pests or rodents you are likely to encounter at your vacation spot. Check if your hotel has a bug infestation reported recently. You can also go through reviews of past visitors to see if anyone has indicated a pest issue so that you can be aware of what you can expect and make an informed decision. Likewise, you can also carry suitable ointments and repellents so that you can continue to stay safe.

Appropriate outfit

When planning a vacation, make sure that you plan your outfits appropriately so that you can stay safe from possible insect and pest bites. If you are travelling in high rainfall areas or areas that have long glass, make sure to wear long boots so that your feet can stay protected. Also, if you plan on hiking or walking through dense vegetation, make sure to wear full-sleeved light coloured shirts so that you can block an insect or pest that may crawl up on your outfit. Researching about your vacation spot will tell you what you need to expect from your vacation and how you can dress appropriately to stay safe.

Keep luggage elevated and closed

When on vacation, the last thing that comes to your mind is putting things in an orderly fashion. But when it comes to dealing with pests, one thing you must do is keep your luggage elevated and closed after taking and putting things back. The luggage left open and on the floor is more vulnerable to pests than luggage stowed at a height and closed completely.

Wash and clean quickly

Once you are back from your vacation, make sure to unpack and clean soiled and unwashed clothes and belongings as soon as you can so that any possible pests or insects can be eliminated before they thrive in your clothes or enter your home. For more tips on how to have a safe and pest-free vacation and home, call Contact Pest Control. Their team of exterminators will be happy to assist you in any kind of pest, animal removal and wildlife removal needs for your home and office.