It’s not just humans who seek warm and comfortable environments during the winter, and mice and other rodents are after these same things. Just like us, they want to avoid cold temperatures, ice and snowy conditions and seek refuge from the winter weather. This can cause some of them to make their way into your home or garage, which is very problematic.

In order to prevent mice from entering your home, you need to know a little bit about their behaviour as this will provide you with an understanding of their patterns, and you will know what to look for. The following information will help in this regard:

Mice Are Always On The Move

Mice do not hibernate, meaning they are awake during the winter months and are active throughout the season despite the cold. They will look for food and shelter and a warm place to live, and because these are more difficult to do when it’s cold out, mice are forced to search more often, causing them to get out quite a bit. This may result in more scratching and scurrying sounds coming from your walls as they move from one place to another within your home. If you hear these sounds, it is a sign that mice are present in your house, so you need to call in professional exterminators.

Mice Are Very Hungry

It is hard for mice to come across food in the wintertime, so they need to look in areas they normally would not access. In order to fill their bellies, they will try to get into your pantry or into the bags of pet food you keep in your garage. If you notice scratching marks on any of your food products or see chewing marks on the boxes in your pantry, you have a problem and must call in the experts. The same is true if you see mouse droppings on your countertops.

Mice Are Very Sneaky

Mice look for nests in warm places that are close to a food source and will set up and settle for the winter season once they find the ideal location, which can be the corners of your garage or attic. They want a warm place to come back to after being outside in the cold, so you need to inspect the areas of your home you normally wouldn’t think of checking. If you don’t, mice can go unnoticed for long periods and can remain inside your home for the entire winter season.

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