Mice, roaches, fleas and ants, oh my! Many of us get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about these creatures, let alone seeing them inside our homes. Many homeowners want nothing to do with these pests outside of getting rid of them and hiring someone to do it for us. But for those of you who want to know some facts about pests and pest control services, these are some crazy yet true facts about pest control in Toronto you probably don’t know about.

Adult Ants Can’t Eat Solid Foods

This one might sound unbelievable, especially for many of us who dealt with these pesky ants in our kitchen or on a picnic. You might have never guessed that although they love to crawl all over our food, they can’t actually eat it. Ants have a very small waist that makes it impossible to eat solid food and digest it. Most species of ants cannot physically swallow and digest solid food. Instead, they take solid food to their larvae, and the larvae will apply an enzyme that breaks it down into liquid form for the adults to eat.

New Bed Bugs Can Survive Without Eating For Months

This occurs if they are sedentary and are located somewhere like an empty apartment. They will not expend enough energy to die quickly, compared to if they were moving around a lot. Another factor is the temperature. Bed bugs are cold-blooded and cool temperatures will allow them to slow their metabolism down. A slower metabolism will mean that they will have less energy used up. Less movement and less energy mean a longer lifespan without eating. Bedbugs also have a very waxy exoskeleton, which makes them more resistant to drying out than other species, which helps them live longer without feeding. This also makes them more resistant to insecticide control methods. Bed bugs treatment or removal is a must and here are some tips for successful beg bug elimination

One Single Female Cockroach Is Able To Produce 10,000 Or More Offspring In One Year

Yes, you read that correctly. Cockroaches are one of the hardest pests to keep under control. They can produce egg sacks with 30 to 48 eggs at a time and carry them around until they are ready to hatch. This greatly ups their chances of survival. Eggs only take about a month to hatch and a mating adult female will be able to produce a new egg case every six weeks. They also begin to breed within about 60 days of hatching.

The rapid reproductive abilities of these pests and how they guard their eggs by carrying them are a huge challenge to control. Even the best pest control professionals might struggle with their management on this if they don’t understand what type of situation they are dealing with. 

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