Homes in Old Toronto can experience rat and mouse infestations, and the following case study will detail this problem.


The homeowner of this particular case has been dealing with a mouse problem for a few months and noticed that these pests were leaving feces on the floor and some of their furniture pieces. They contacted an exterminator who came to the house to complete an inspection. During the inspection, the technician looked for the sources of the pest issue and assessed its severity. They also looked for entry points and determined how best to exterminate them most effectively to prevent them from returning. 

In this situation, the exterminator noticed mice activity throughout the home’s main floor and found feces in the kitchen. They recommended the installation of bait stations and found out that the homeowner had also experienced a rat problem the year before, so the technician took a closer look at the backyard, where they found burrow holes in the grass, a clear sign that rats were still present. They also found gaps along the sides of the homeowner’s garage, which is likely how the rats were able to get indoors. 

The exterminator suggested having the entry point covered with a one-way door to let the indoor rats out of the house where they could feed on the bait and perish. They also suggested that the rest of the gap be sealed with mesh. We also installed additional bait stations inside and outside the home. The homeowner was happy with these suggestions, and work started immediately. 


The technician installed a few bait stations for the mice within the home, consisting of little boxes containing rodenticide. Mice would be able to get in the boxes but would not be able to get out. The technician then placed some bait stations for rats outside, followed by a one-way door on the side of the garage to let rats out when they came to feed but prevented their return. Several feet of mesh were also installed along the bottom of the garage to ensure the rats could not get back inside. 

The technician then covered the wall vents in mesh and sealed the gap in the window frame with caulking. 


The exterminator checked on the bait stations throughout the next few months to monitor progress and found them empty during the first checkup. This was a sign that there were rodents in the home and that the program was working. The stations were refilled with fresh bait during every visit. A few months later, the homeowner reported they were no longer seeing any signs of rodent activity indoors, after which the technician replaced the one-way door with mesh. A couple of months later, outdoor activity had also slowed considerably. 

It’s important to note that rat infestations can take a long time to eradicate, and consistent baiting will be required to suppress the rat population. 


Rats are very difficult to deal with as their colonies can be very large and tend to move in and out of a house. Both mice and rats breed very fast, so they are hard to keep up with, and their colonies can span entire neighbourhoods. 

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