Tapeworm can survive low temperatures and disposing of raccoon feces is equally as dangerous in the winter as it is during the summer. The tapeworm will only die if it is frozen solid for several days at extremely low temperatures. If it is inside of a raccoon corpse or feces, it can survive even colder temperatures and it is a common misconception that tapeworm cannot survive in low temperatures because the reality is that it very well can, which is why professional assistance is required when dealing with raccoon feces.

Tapeworm is a parasitic organism and looks like flat white worms that live in the digestive tract and use hooks and suckers to consume food. It is a very serious issue and the worms can get very long and if contracted, can fill the digestive tract and result in death. This is because the head of the worm attaches itself to the intestinal wall of the person or animal and absorbs all of their nutrients. They may also lay eggs that will grow into new tapeworms.

Tapeworms are especially dangerous when they are active and the reason there is a misconception regarding this matter is that tapeworms remain inactive in cold temperatures. However, this does not mean that they will not survive, which is where the confusion lies. While they cannot attack a host and are unable to move in cold temperatures, they will survive and will not die. As the temperature increases, they will become active again because contrary to what many people believe, the low temperatures will not affect them or kill them.

Tapeworms can survive for months in raccoon feces, which is why you should never approach this problem on your own if it is present in your attic or backyard. They survive a very long time in raccoon feces regardless of the temperature, so if you see any in your yard or your attic, there is a very high chance that you or someone in your family is at risk of getting a tapeworm infection. If an infection occurs, you must go to the hospital to have it cured as that is the only way to eliminate this problem from your body.

If you spot raccoon feces anywhere in or near your home, you will naturally want to get rid of it and no matter how easy it may seem to do it yourself, remember that it is a very dangerous job that comes with a number of serious risks. For this reason, it is always recommended that you call a professional like Contact Pest Control who can remove the feces for you safely. We can help with bed bug removal, mice control and offer treatments to these unpleasant problems. If you are in the North York or Toronto areas and want a professional exterminator who can offer the best pest control, give us a call now to find out more about our services!